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Vibrant past

Plunge into the culture and history

The cultural landscape of the Vinschgau valley is rich in traditions and testimonies of the past. This cultural wealth is something that we still draw from to this day, and the inspiration for modern artistic treasures can be found everywhere as you travel through South Tyrol; the fortresses, castle, monasteries, residences and museums, the contemporary witnesses of our development. Go on your own expedition and get to know the land and its people.

St. Proculus Church and Museum

Not far from the eastern entrance of Naturno, you will find the small church of St. Proculus, surrounded by apple orchards in the valley floor.

Culture | closed Wednesday | 4.9 km
Juval castle

Juval Castle, one of the most imposing landmarks in the surrounding area and the seat of the Messner Mountain Museum „Mythos Berg“ (myth of the mountains).

Tradition | September
Transhumance in the Schnalstal valley

In recognition of the original farming culture in the Vinschgau valley, traditional sheep driving still takes place to this day.

Town | 40.2 km

Immerse yourself into the smallest town in South Tyrol – and the only one with a fully-preserved town wall – and dive right into the middle of the Middle Ages.

Museum | closed Sunday | 46.8 km
Marienberg Abbey

Varying exhibitions, the abbey equipment and a permanent exhibition all provide a glimpse into the monastic lives of the Order of St. Benedict.

There is always something happening
Events in Naturno

There is always something going on in the Venosta Valley, especially in Naturno and the surrounding area, where a rich cultural life and numerous festivals enliven the region. 

CULTURE | 1.2 KM | open from THUS - SAT | Jul - Aug also on Sundays
Gruppo di Tessa Nature Park Visitor Center

The Gruppo di Tessa Nature Park Visitor Center tells of the contrasts and diversity of habitats in the Gruppo di Tessa Nature Park. Aquariums, rock samples, animal specimens and much more can be experienced here. 

Other cultural highlights in South Tyrol
Landscape garden | No closed days | 22.7 km
Botanical Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle
Museum | closed Monday | 45.9 km
Bunker Mooseum in Moos in Passeier